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Collection of Twenty-Seven Loose Platinum and Albumen Photographs of Angkor Wat, Other Angkorian Temples and Khmer Sculptures, Taken by or Related to the Direction des Arts Cambodgiens Headed by George Groslier. Ca. 1910s-1920s.
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Dobell, Peter/Petr Vasil’evich; [Dzhunkovsky, A.S.]. Puteshestviia i Noveishiia Nabliudeniia v Kitae, Manille i Indo-Kitaiskom Arkhipelage Byvshego Rossiiskogo Generalnogo Konsula na Filippinskikh Ostrovakh, Kollezhskogo Sovetnika Petra Dobelia, Sostavil i s Angliiskogo Perevel, s Vysochaishego Soizvolenia A. Dzh. [i.e. Travels and Latest Observations in China, Manila and the Indo-China Archipelago by a Former Russian Consul General in the Philippine Islands, Collegiate Councillor Petr Dobell, Compiled and Translated from English, by the Highest Permission A. Dzh.] St. Petersburg: N. Grech, 1833.
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Staniukovich, K.M. Iz Krugosvetnogo Plavaniya: Ocherki Morskogo Byta [i.e. From a Voyage Around the World: Sketches of Everyday Life at Sea]. St. Petersburg: Typ. of V. Golovin, 1867.
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Vysheslavtsev, A.V. Ocherki Perom i Karandashom iz Krugosvetnogo Plavaniya v 1857, 1858, 1859 i 1860 godakh [i.e. Sketches in Pen and Pencil from the Circumnavigation in 1857, 1858, 1859 and 1860]. St. Petersburg-Moscow: M.O. Wolf, 1867.
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Attractive Lacquered Album with 112 Original Photographs of Japan, China, Singapore, Samoa, and Hawaii, Including Interesting Images of Nikko Temples and Processions, Tea Houses, Villages and Hotels around Lake Hakone, Streets of Tokyo, and Nara, Panoramas of Penang and Hong Kong, Scenes of Execution in Canton, Portraits of “Maoris” and Samoans, etc., Titled: Around the World, 1900. 20 March - 31 August 1900.
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$ 1500.00
Collection of Two Sepia Pen and Wash Watercolours after the Aquatints from “A Picturesque Voyage to India by the Way of China” (1810) by Thomas and William Daniell’s; Titled: Anjere Point, Strait of Sunda; Malays of Java. Ca. 1810s.
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[O’Vary, Geza Philip] (1887 – after 1946) & [O’Vary, Helene] (ca. 1883 – after 1958). Collection of Three Photo Albums with ca. 416 Original Gelatin Silver Photos, Taken by an American Employee of the Nederlandsche Koloniale Petroleum Maatschappij (Nederlands Colonial Oil Company) During His Work at the Oil Refinery in Soengei-Gerong (Sungai Gerong, South Sumatra) in 1929-1931. Ca. 1929-1931.
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Caspari, Chrétien Edouard (1840-1918). Album of Ten Original Watercolour Views of Saigon and Environs. 1877-1878.
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Gsell, Émile (1838-1879), & others. Album with 95 Original Albumen Photographs of French Colonial Vietnam, Showing Saigon (Harbour, Arsenal, Grand Canal, Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica before and after its Construction was Completed, Mong Bridge, Buildings of “Banque de l’Indochine” and “Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation,” Barracks of French Marines, &c.), Hoa Nghiem Cave in the Marble Mountains, Cap St. Jacques, French Naval Boat Armed with Guns, Portraits of Vietnamese Indigenous People, Bull Cart Drivers, Boatsmen, Rickshaw Drivers, Peasants Planting Rice, an Elder, a Mother with Child (Apparently, Suffering from Leprosy), French Residents and their Mansions, &c. Ca. 1870s-1890s.
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Bornas, Aug[ust?]. Album of Ten Original Pen and Wash Sketches of Military Fortifications, Villages and Mountainous Views of Tonkin (North Vietnam) Taken by a Participant of the French Military Campaign on Pacification of Tonkin (1886-1896). Ca. 1891.
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