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Interesting Album with 53 Original Gelatin Silver Photographs of Iceland, Showing Natural Sites, Kaldadal Highland Road, Bridges, and Smaller Communities around the Island. Ca. 1938
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Proekt Lomonosova i ekspeditsiya Chichagova; [and:] Kratkoe opisanie raznikh puteshestvii po severnim moryam… [i.e. Lomonosov’s Project and Chichagov’s Expedition; with: A Brief Description of Various Voyages in the Northern Seas and Indication of a Possible Passage via the Siberian Ocean to the East Indies/ Published by the Hydrographical Department of the Naval Ministry. St. Petersburg: Morskaya Typ. 1854.
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Collection of Twenty-one Large Albumen Photographs of Classic Period Sights in Greece with Eighteen Taken in Athens with an Emphasis on the Acropolis Including Photos of the Parthenon, Olympieion, Erechtheion, Theater and the Temple of Athena Nike. Ca. 1890.
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$ 450.00
Collection of Seven Loose Original Gelatin Silver Photos of Vathy, the Main Town on the Greek Island of Samos in the Eastern Aegean Sea, then under the Administration of the Ottoman Turkey. Ca. 1905.
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Album with 106 Original Gelatin Silver Photographs of the USCGC Eastwind’s Annual Summer Cruise to Greenland (Thule Air Force Base, Cape Etoh, Grondal, and Godthab) Showing American & Canadian Vessels (USS Glynn, USCGC Westwind, and Labrador), Prominent Arctic Explorer Donald Macmillan, a Helicopter Crash Landing on the Ice, “Frog Men” Preparing for Underwater Dynamiting, Local Eskimos Posing with the Captain Rhanke, etc.; Also with the Images of Sailors Meeting Danish Admiral on the Fourth of July, Having a Beer Party, and Celebrating the Initiation Ceremony in Costumes. Ca. 1950s.
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$ 2250.00
Naya, Carlo (1816-1882), Van Lint, Enrico (fl. 1850-70s), Fotografia Pompejana, Sommer e Behles, and Others. Large Attractive Collection of 78 Early Albumen Studio Photographs of Italian Cities, Showing the Main Sites, Streets and Architectural Details of Venice, Rome, Pompeii, Palermo, Genoa, Pisa, Turin, etc. Ca. 1860s.
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Rogozinsky, L.I. Original Publisher’s Cloth Portfolio with Twenty-Six Original Mounted Albumen Photographs of the Georgian Military Road, Tiflis/Tbilisi, and Vladikavkaz, Titled: Vidy i Tipy Kavkaza [Views and Types of the Caucasus]. Ca. 1896.
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[Remarkable Primary Source on 17th Century Russian-Western European Relations] Relatione d’Alcuni Costumi de’Sig.i Ambasc. Moscoviti, che ora si trovano in Livorno per passare all’Ambasciata di Venezia [Autograph Letter by an Anonymous Author from Livorno Witnessing the Muscovite Embassy to Venice (1656-1657) and Containing Vivid Observations and Remarks About Russians]. Livorno, ca. 1656.
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Album with 225 Original Gelatin Silver Photographs Showing Macedonia & Greece, Istanbul & Odessa during the Last Phase of WW1. Ca. 1918-1919.
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