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$ 8500.00
Golovnin, Vasily Mikhailovich (1776-1831) & Duncan, Archibald. Opisanie Primechatelnykh Korablekrusheniy... [Description of the Most Interesting Shipwrecks Which have Taken Place at Various Times. A work by Mr. Duncan. Translated from English and Supplemented with Notes and Explanations for the Use of Russian Navigators by Fleet Captain-Commander Golovnin. Published by the order of the State Admiralty Department: in 3 parts]. [With]: GOLOVNIN, Vasily Mikhailovich (1776-1831) Opisanie Primechatelnykh Korablekrusheniy, v Raznye Vremena Preterpennykh Rossiyskimi Moreplavatelyami... [Description of the Most Interesting Shipwrecks Suffered at Various Times by Russian Navigators. Collected, Organized and Supplemented with Notes and Explanations by Fleet Captain-Commander Golovnin. Part 4, Serving as the Continuation to the Description of the Most Interesting Shipwrecks by Mr. Duncan. Published by the order of the State Admiralty Department]. Saint Petersburg: Typ. Of N. Grech, 1853.
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Vysheslavtsev, A.V. Ocherki Perom i Karandashom iz Krugosvetnogo Plavaniya v 1857, 1858, 1859 i 1860 godakh [i.e. Sketches in Pen and Pencil from the Circumnavigation in 1857, 1858, 1859 and 1860]. St. Petersburg-Moscow: M.O. Wolf, 1867.
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$ 950.00
Album of Over 280 Original Gelatin Silver Photographs, Taken by an American Soldier During His Service in the US Army Hawaiian Division, with Interesting Photos of Schofield Barracks and Soldiers, Oahu Island and Hawaii Volcanos National Park. Hawaii: Ca. 1920-1930s.
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Vansant, K.L., U.S.S. “New Mexico”. Attractive Keepsake Album with Sixty-Seven Gelatin Silver Studio Photos and Real Photo Postcards, and One Piece of Printed Ephemera, Compiled by a Sailor from U.S.S. “New Mexico” during the US Fleet Exercise at Hawaii and its Good-will Tour to South Pacific, Australia and New Zealand in April-October 1925; the Album is Titled: U.S.S. New Mexico. In Remembrance of Maneuvres at Hawaii – Australia – New Zealand, 1925. Ca. 1925.
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Dobell, Peter/Petr Vasil’evich; [Dzhunkovsky, A.S.]. Puteshestviia i Noveishiia Nabliudeniia v Kitae, Manille i Indo-Kitaiskom Arkhipelage Byvshego Rossiiskogo Generalnogo Konsula na Filippinskikh Ostrovakh, Kollezhskogo Sovetnika Petra Dobelia, Sostavil i s Angliiskogo Perevel, s Vysochaishego Soizvolenia A. Dzh. [i.e. Travels and Latest Observations in China, Manila and the Indo-China Archipelago by a Former Russian Consul General in the Philippine Islands, Collegiate Councillor Petr Dobell, Compiled and Translated from English, by the Highest Permission A. Dzh.] St. Petersburg: N. Grech, 1833.
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