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$ 12500.00
Müller, Gerhard Friedrich (1705-1783). Opisanie Sibirskogo Tsarstva i Vsekh Proizshedshikh v Nem Del on Nachala, a Osoblivo ot Pokoreniya Yego Rossiiskoi Derzhave po Sii Vremena; Sochineno Gerardom Friderikom Millerom, Istoriografom i Professorom Universiteta Akademii Nauk i Sotsieteta Aglinskago Chlenom [Description of the Siberian Kingdom and All Affairs That Took Place there from the Beginning, and Especially from its Conquest by the Russian State until These Times; Created by Gerard Friderik Miller, Historiographer and Professor of the University of the Academy of Sciences and a Member of the English Society]. Saint Petersburg: Imp. Academy of Sciences, 1787.
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$ 2500.00
[Far Eastern Hunting] Zapiski okhotnika Vostochnoi Sibiri (1856-1863), Zaklyuchayushchie v sebe: nekotorye zamechaniya, kasayushchiyesya sobstvenno tekhnicheskoy chasti okhoty... [i.e. Notes of a Hunter from Eastern Siberia (1856-1863), Including: Some Notes Regarding the Technical Part of Hunting; Description of Different Animals Inhabiting the Spanless Forests and Steppes of Eastern Siberia, and Methods of Hunting in All Possible Ways, with the Demonstration of the Hunting Devices, and Some Notes on Siberian Nature and Siberian Hunters, their Everyday Life, Superstitions and Habits]. St. Petersburg: S.V. Zvonaryov, 1867.
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