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Original Autograph Manuscript Letter by a Fruit Seller in Marysville, CA., Talking about the Crowds of Chinese Immigrants & Native Americans, the General Buzz over Local Elections, High Rental Prices, Teacher Salaries, etc.; also Writing “Every Nation upon the Globe is Represented Here in Cal” and “California Produces all Kinds of Fruits and Nuts”. Marysville: 17 March 1859.
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Murray, John Sutherland (1818-1882); Moore, Henry M. Original Autograph Letter Signed from Moores Flat (a Gold Mining Town Later Abandoned in the Early 20th Century), Written by a California Forty-Niner and Talking about the Construction of a “Store-Room” in the General Store or the Hotel of Town Founder H.M. Moore, Successful Gold Mining, When “an Ounce of Beautiful Gold” was Obtained after an Hour Washing “under Disadvantageous Circumstances,” Nevada County Pioneer and Gold Miner James Weaver, &c. Moores Flat (Nevada Co.): 1 January 1854.
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[McLean, Margaret Rebecca, née Davidson] (1835-1925). Original Autograph Letter Signed by an Oregon Pioneer Margaret McLean, Talking about the Leaders of the United Presbyterian Church of Oregon, Her Family’s Upcoming Wagon Trip to the Oregon Coast, Where They Planned to Have “Plenty of Fresh Oisters [sic!] and Big Fish in Abundance,” a School Teacher in Eugene - a “Young Lady” Who Gets Paid “Forty Dollars a Month in Gold,” the Author’s Relatives, Including William who “was out Fighting Indians,” Her Love to Oregon which is “One of the Best Fruit Countrys [sic!] in the World,” &c. Eugene City, Oregon: 18 June 1866.
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Lindsey, Lilah (1860-1943); Lindsey, Lee (1845-1920). Original Handwritten and Notary Certified Deed of the Early Sale of a Town Lot in Tulsa, Indian Territory, Signed by Lilah Lindsey, a Pioneer Muscogee Women’s Activist, and Her Husband Col. Lee Lindsey. Tulsa, Indian Territory: 31 October 1899.
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Gray, Thos M. (ca. 1834 - ?). Original Autograph Manuscript Letter Signed by Thos M. Gray, a Young Farmer and One of the Earliest Residents of Walla Walla, Suggesting to “Dear Cousin” the Best Places to Buy Livestock and the Fastest Transportation Routes from Missouri to Washington Territory. Walla Walla, Washington Territory: 22 December 1860.
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