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McKenna, Mike. Historically Interesting Letter Signed by an American Soldier in an Agua Prieta Hospital, Talking about a Rebel Paranoid about Being Poisoned, a Half-Paralyzed Yaqui's Dire Condition, and the Deaths of Local Patients (a Federal & a Yaqui Mayo). Agua Prieta, Sonora: 5 November 1912.
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Dorrance, William T (Ca. 1804 - ?). A Historically Important Original Autograph Manuscript Letter Written by 1st Sergeant of the 7th US Infantry Regiment, William T Dorrance, from Occupied Mexico City and Signed to His Cousin Edward Moulton in Willimantic, Connecticut, Sharing Breaking News of the Arrival of Two US Commissioners “Empowered to Settle the Terms” of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, Heatedly Arguing about the Possible Need of Marching to San Luis Potosi and Giving the Mexicans “A Drubbing” There, Decisively Claiming That “The Question of Peace or War Rests Now Entirely with Mexico,” and Mentioning Several American Political Figures, Including Nicholas Trist, Nathan Clifford, and Ambrose Sevier. Mexico City, 20 April 1848.
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[McCall, George Archibald] (1802-1868); McCall, Mary Dickinson (1799-1881). Autograph Letter Signed from Mary Dickinson McCall to her Renowned Brother, Captain of the 4th US Infantry Regiment George McCall, Talking about His Recent Heroism during the Battle of Palo Alto, the Occupation of Matamoros, the Regiment’s Possible Move to Monterrey, the Anecdote about General Winfield Scott and a “Plate of Soup,” and Mentioning Several American Public Figures, Including John Cadwalader, Joseph R. Ingersoll, William L. Marcy, John M. Read Jr., and others. Philadelphia: 15 & 16 June [1846].
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Wingate, B., Corp. A Historically Important Original Autograph Manuscript Letter Written by an American Soldier and Participant of the Mexican-American War the Very Same Day the Siege of Veracruz Ended With Mexico’s Surrender, Triumphantly Writing to His Folks Back Home in Indiana about “One of the Greatest Battles Ever Won by American Arms,” Talking about Mexican Soldiers Begging General Zachary Taylor, the Next US President, for Something to Eat, Fiercely Stating that Mexico City “Must Hear the Barking of Our Buldogs [i.e. Bulldogs] Before Walls,” and Enthusiastically Predicting the Near End of the Warfare After the American Capture of the “Third Strong Place in the World;” Also Mentioning General Winfield Scott Whose Heroism “Must Gane [i.e. Gain] for the Commander the Name that Will Last for Ages to Come.” Veracruz, 29 March 1847.
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Williams, Thomas. General Orders No. 54, announcing victory at Buenavista. Document Signed as aide-de-camp to General Winfield Scott. One page, 9 1/2 x 8 inches, with docketing on verso; faint mount remnants along on edge on verso. Vera Cruz, Mexico, 15 March 1847.
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Slocum, Wilkes Almy (ca. 1824-1848). Original Autograph Letter by Wilkes Slocum, a Boatman Near Vera Cruz, Sharing with “Dear Mother” the Hot News of the Mexican Defeat in the Vera Cruz Battle and Writing about the Minimal Casualties Suffered by the American Forces. Vera Cruz: 29 March 1847.
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Album with 207 Original Gelatin Silver Vernacular Photographs, Taken during an Early Car Trip from Los Angeles to Mexico and Back in July-August 1938, Titled: Six Weeks in Mexico. Ca. 1938.
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